Parent Trigger II: Desert warfare

State regulations written to bring order and rationality to the Parent Trigger petition process are getting a bruising debut in the Mojave Desert town of Adelanto. The recriminations and accusations of misinformation and fraud that undermined the first Parent Trigger effort in Compton and ended up in court last year are echoing in the battle … Continue reading “Parent Trigger II: Desert warfare”

Parent Trigger stirs AFT’s ‘kill mode’

Parent Revolution, the Los Angeles-based group responsible for California’s Parent Trigger law, did something rare in education politics: it outmaneuvered a powerful teachers’ union. The American Federation of Teachers basically admits as much in a guide used last month at the union’s TEACH conference to describe how the Connecticut chapter diluted that state’s version of … Continue reading “Parent Trigger stirs AFT’s ‘kill mode’”

New parent trigger regs approved

The State Board of Education (SBE) received a standing ovation yesterday morning.  Members of the Los Angeles advocacy group Parent Revolution, wearing their matching navy tee-shirts, applauded wildly and shouted “si se puede”. Even board member Patricia Rucker smiled.  The lobbyist for the California Teachers Association, against whom Parent Revolution has filed a conflict of … Continue reading “New parent trigger regs approved”

Parent Trigger 4.0 and counting

The State Board of Education has set aside most of Thursday to listen to arguments over draft regulations on the state’s contentious parent empowerment law known as the Parent Trigger. The 21 pages of regs are now in the fourth iteration in seven months. It’s a bear to read, with underlined text, bold underlined text, … Continue reading “Parent Trigger 4.0 and counting”

Parent trigger misfires by disrupting and dismantling local schools

(This article was written in collaboration with Sharon Higgins.) Simplistic ideas may look appealing at first glance, but they rarely solve complex problems. Too often they have the potential to make things worse. That’s true of California’s so-called Parent Empowerment Act. It created the “parent trigger,” which allows a majority of parents in a low-performing school … Continue reading “Parent trigger misfires by disrupting and dismantling local schools”

Kirst: Expedite parent trigger regs

State Board of Education President Michael Kirst said Wednesday that the State Board does not plan to ask the Legislature to fix the parent empowerment law known as the parent trigger – to the great relief of the embattled law’s advocates. Instead, the State Board extended emergency regulations implementing the parent trigger and speeded up … Continue reading “Kirst: Expedite parent trigger regs”

Parents: Don’t gut ‘parent trigger’

Five dozen parents from Compton and all corners of Los Angeles drove all night in a packed school bus to deliver their message, in impassioned one-minute speeches in Spanish and English, to the State Board of Education: Don’t undermine the year-old  law giving parents the power to force structural changes in underperforming schools. “Our children … Continue reading “Parents: Don’t gut ‘parent trigger’”

‘Parent trigger’ organizers need protection from harassment, intimidation

John Fensterwald’s post last week on the “parent trigger” and its implementing regulations missed the mark in one or two spots. First and foremost, we completely agree with John and others who argue that more open dialogue and debate as part of the parent trigger organizing process is a desirable goal. It is crucial, however, … Continue reading “‘Parent trigger’ organizers need protection from harassment, intimidation”

Compton parents pull parent trigger

Today, parents at a Compton Unified elementary school will become the first in the state to use  a new “parent trigger” law. They will  demand that an outside  charter school operator be brought in to take over their low-performing school. Organizers predict that parent groups in other districts, fed up with poor achievement and unsuccessful … Continue reading “Compton parents pull parent trigger”