Big cuts, high anxiety in Cupertino

Families in Cupertino Union School District are anguished over their schools.

They thought that they had largely solved their district’s financial problems a year ago when they passed their first parcel tax, raising $4 million.

But now this K-8 Silicon Valley district, home of Apple Computer and some of the  highest performing schools in the state, is facing a $9 million deficit for next year. And that’s putting in jeopardy many of the programs parents consider essential: small classes, summer school, the GATE program for gifted children, librarians.

On Thursday evening, when thousands of Bay Area teachers, students and supporters joined a protest in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza, 300 or so Cupertino parents gathered in a middle school gym to hear how the state’s funding crisis has finally hit home and to plot what they can do about it.

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CTA takes on corporate tax breaks

One way or the other, the California Teachers Association and business interests were headed for a mighty battle this November over taxes. Now it’s clear what they’ll be fighting over.

Delegates for the 325,000 member union voted to back initiatives to rescind corporate tax breaks (see initiatives #1412 and #1375), passed a year ago under cover of darkness, that eventually will cut state revenues by an estimated $1.7 billion. Backing up its vote with dollars, the CTA this week committed $587,000 to gather 434,000 signatures needed to put it on the ballot.

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